Cashmere Sugar Shimmer Body Stick

Cashmere Sugar Shimmer Body Stick

Our Cashmere Sugar Shimmer Body Stick formula is beginner-friendly and a wonderful addition to your collection of DIY skincare. This body stick provides a light, moisturizing, non-greasy skin feel with a nice shimmer for added glow. The star player in this formulation is our Divine Gel AB, which creates a clear stick product without the need for any additional lipids or waxes.

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Phase  %W/W Material
A 98% Divine Gel AB
B 1.5% Cashmere Sugar Fragrance Oil
B .5%  Bronze Reflecks



 1. Heat phase A to around 105°C until fully melted.
2. When phase A is completely melted, add phase B under low shear mixing. 
3. Stir under low shear mixing until the product reaches 90–95 °C and pour into the final packaging.
4. Allow the product to cool for at least 2–3 hours before use. 


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